We are closing for 2 weeks or more.
Dear friends it is with much sadness that we must announce the temporary closure of Maine Bodyworks due to the need to slow the progress of the covid-19 virus. This will last for a couple of weeks or more. The time frame is unknown and we will be sure to keep you informed as the days go by. We have been cancelling sessions since last weekend and calling and emailing people individually but for people that are looking to come in, I hope this helps to explain why nothing will be available. At first, we as individual providers, were making our decisions to take ourselves off of the schedule based on our own thoughts on how to proceed. However at this point we collectively feel that slowing the curve of the virus takes precedent over the care that we provide. This is incredibly difficult for all of us because we strongly feel that we are providing an important role in our client's health and wellness. And as a provider of space, Maine Bodyworks is committed to the financial well being of the people that maintain their practices within our space. This is a huge thing for us and concerns us greatly. But we feel it is paramount to the safety of all that we do our part to work together as a family to help stop the momentum of this virus.
**Several clients have asked if they can purchase gift certificates in the interim to use at a later date to help. This is incredibly generous and certainly welcomed. I think doing this for any small business person is a great idea. I will suggest that if you decide to do this and there is someone in our group that you see regularly, please feel free to earmark that person so that we may more easily pass the funds on to them immediately. Meanwhile please keep yourselves, family and community as safe and healthy as possible and feel free to keep in touch with us. Thank you for being a part of our family.**
We are looking forward to seeing you soon,
The Maine Bodyworks Team

Maine Bodyworks

Maine Bodyworks is a Massage and bodywork business operated by a local husband-wife team. We do our best to bring into our practice skilled and personable therapists that are dedicated to offer the bodywork and spa practice to the highest of standards. Our therapists have years of experience with a variety of knowledge, techniques and services combined with an unwavering focus on our clients specific needs. Each session is creatively composed by highly skilled therapists with the intention of offering a personalized massage that is dedicated to improve our client's overall sense of health and well being. We offer complimentary hot stones and hot towels as well as handcrafted essential oils in our treatments when requested to enhance and embellish each therapeutic treatment. At Maine Bodyworks we offer more than massage, were an exceptional place to sustain enhanced health and vitality.

About Guy and Tatiana

Maine Bodyworks was established by Guy McChesney in 1996. In 1998 Guy started offering massages at Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake during the busy Summers in Maine and still offers this seasonal work to date. His wife Tatiana McChesney joined the business in 2009 and she specializes in deep tissue and Ashiatsu massages. Alongside with other Licensed Massage Therapists they can offer different massage modalities to fit their clients needs. Check our bios on "Our Therapists" page.