Guy McChesney

Guy McChesney has been a licensed Massage therapist since 1995 after receiving certification from New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts. Shortly thereafter, Guy began training in Thai Yoga bodywork with Jonas Westring at the Kripalu Institute. He went on to study with Pichest Boonthome in Chaing Mai Thailand and received his advanced certificate in Thai Massage from Jonas Westring’s school for Thai Yoga Healing, where he has since returned as an instructor and practitioner in the Thai healing arts. He is also a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Guy believes optimum health and mental well being stem from balanced emphasis on body, mind and spirit through the healing arts of massage, proper nutrition and exercise. Guy is availaboe on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Tatiana McChesney

*Not accepting new clients at this moment*

Tatiana McChesney is originally from Brazil. She became interested in massage therapy after a trip to Thailand in 2005 where under the supervision of Master Mactherdchai of Chiang Mai and Jonas Westring she studied Thai Massage. In 2009 Tatiana became a licensed massage therapist focusing on Deep Tissue and Therapeutic work. In 2011 Tatiana became certified in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy®. In this technique, the therapist stands on your back – staying balanced by holding bars that are secured to the ceiling – and uses her heels, instep, and toes to apply deep and constant pressure to the back, gluts, hamstrings and calves. It is ideal for people with tight ligaments or those with tense shoulders and hips. Each session is designed based on how the client is feeling and what their needs are. A massage session with Tatiana can be a combination of Deep Tissue & Ashiatsu, or Deep Tissue only. Tatiana is available on Mondays, Tuesdays an Thursdays.

Rob Phipps

Rob began practicing massage in 2007 after graduating from New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts in Bridgton Maine. Rob practices an integrated, intuitive style of massage where various techniques will be applied based on the client’s particular needs each session. The pressure level used during sessions ranges from light to moderately deep, as Rob prefers to use various techniques to get the muscles to relax instead of a heavy amount of pressure whenever possible. He has spent the last 14 years practicing massage while working alongside physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors and acupuncturists; which has enriched and broadened his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. Rob has also completed advanced training in massage techniques to alleviate neck pain, and neck pain/disfunction sustained as a result of whiplash. In 2015, after many years of independent spiritual study, Rob traveled to India to further his personal journey into self-discovery; this journey continues to inform every aspect of his life and work. Rob is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.

Shaia Lanzalotta

Shaia became passionate about massage therapy after earning her license in 2020 upon completing the therapeutic massage program at SpaTech Institute in Westbrook, Maine. Having a keen interest in health and a unique upbringing by homesteaders, she has learned that profound growth can be created simply by the use of one's own hands. Keeping in mind that all systems of the body are connected, Shaia's mission as a LMT is to provide individualized & effective bodywork pulling from a variety of techniques all ranging in intensity and detail from Deep Tissue & Active Engagement to Swedish, Range of Motion & Stretching. The end result is a whole-feeling massage with the goal to contribute to the optimum health of her clients. Shaia is available on Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays.

Moriah Barone

Moriah has been on a continuous and profound mind, body, spirit healing journey for several years now- where she has overcome many autoimmune symptoms, multiple pathogenies, nervous system dysregulation, complex cumulative trauma, and more with an entirely holistic approach. After years of self work she then began the path to help others and started by completing the therapeutic training program at SpaTech Institute (2020) with a focus on deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial, prenatal, hot stone & active/passive movements. She has been gaining much experience over the past few years working full time in multiple bodywork settings absorbing as much knowledge as she can before she ventures into more advanced training. She is passionate about mind, body spirit connection and believes that by unwinding a rigid body you unwind other aspects of your being as well. In addition to the classical training modalities (deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial, prenatal) she also offers heated Himalayan salt stones and hand crafted herbal infused oils (St. John’s Wart, dandelion, & rose) in organic jojoba oil which hold many immune/nervous system benefits. Her ultimate goal is to relax your muscles and your nervous system by easing into deeper work when called for and always incorporating a soothing approach to minimize pain during and after sessions.


Brianna Housman

Brianna earned her degree in Behavioral Sciences with a concentration in counseling at the University of Southern Maine in 2017. Her yearning to help others later led her to the SpaTech Institute where she earned her Maine massage therapy license. She studied in the Holistic Massage program where she learned to integrate Polarity, an energy balancing technique, with massage techniques. She later practiced bodywork in various settings including wellness centers, spas and chiropractic settings.

Brianna believes that massage is a holistic experience, important for relaxing the mind as well as the body, especially in today’s demanding, fast paced world. Drawing on a variety of techniques, including myofascial release, cupping, Ashiatsu, stretching, Swedish, as well as energy work, Brianna offers a unique, individualized experience. 

Brianna believes in the power of nervous system regulation that can be achieved with intentional touch. With her integrated, focused approach to bodywork, she aims to help you release pain and tension and achieve a more peaceful state of being. In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga, spending time outside and exploring creative pursuits including drawing and playing the harp.